ESdat Desktop: Integrated Applications

gINT and WinLog ESdat can export data to either of these bore logging packages, meaning all your data is centrally stored.

ArcView, MapInfo, Surfer and Google Earth are GIS and mapping applications. ESdat has internal mapping functionality, and can also export to these packages. See MapInfo Discover PPT

EVS (Environmental Visualization System) is a 3D visualization and modeling package. See video.   See paper.

ProUCL provides many calculations useful for contaminated sites, including 95 percentile calculations using a variety of data distributions (ie normal, log-normal, non-parametric).

Excel can receive a direct data dump, or graphs or formatted tables can be exported.

ESdat application integration with gINT and WinLog, ArcView, MapInfo, Surfer, EVS, ProUCL, Excel, and Google Earth

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