View BING Maps as a basemap embedded in ESdat

Being able to view public imagery directly in ESdat has always been hampered by the lack of free imagery that can legally be viewed through independent GIS systems. Many large companies have large libraries of GIS imagery, so this isn’t a problem for them, however, many don’t.

BING Maps is now able to be viewed directly through ESdat for relatively cheaply ($60/year is the price we have been given)

To do this first visit and register in order to obtain a token.

Then in ESdat view the GIS and make sure your data has a co-ordinate system specified; it is indicated on the bottom left of the map. Any value other than “Unknown” will work. If you don’t know how to specify a co-ordinate system see the “Further Functional Tutorial - Mapping” Tutorial at

Bing Maps and ESdat

To add the imagery select + Web Layer and enter the following URL and click GET

Bing Maps and ESdat 2


Example URS:


Please note, that EScIS doesn’t have any relationship with Onterra,Bing or any other provider of WMS services, and can’t make any guarantees as regards their service, other than to say it worked well during our testing.

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