ESdat Presents the Results of Inaugural ESDat Users Opinion Survey

18 November 2010

ESdat is proud to present the results of our Inaugural ESdat Users Opinion Survey. The top line result was that 98.8% of respondents to the survey said they would recommend ESdat to a colleague. The main reason was time-savings over previous environmental database management techniques. It was found that all respondents save at least 20% of their time analyzing data with ESdat. Over 50% of respondents save more than 40%.

Esdat has been voted easy-to-use. This is what some people said in the survey:

Respondents also sighted a broad section of features as important, including:

ESdat from EarthScience Information Systems is regarded as the Asia Pacific's leading environmental database management software. It is for use by environmental consultants and site managers, particularly those concerned with contaminated / industrial sites, mines, groundwater investigations, landfill and regulatory compliance.

With built-in reporting for environmental standards exceedances, chemistry tables, mapping, trend analysis and time-series graphs as well as quality assurance.

ESdat allows efficient importing from a range of systems or data sources into a central environmental database, and provides data comparison and analysis, comprehensive reporting as well as integration with other software. The system also performs QA analysis and has automatic data validation checks.

The flexibility of ESdat means that it can be customized to meet the unique needs of individual users, either by end users or by our staff.

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