ESdat environmental database software helps organizations manage their environmental data for ISO 14001

Sep. 13, 2011

Environmental data management software is an efficient way to handle large amounts of data generated with the adoption of environmental standards like ISO 14001.  A recent survey by EScIS shows that 100% of environmental professionals saved time using their ESdat environmental database software and that having the data organized was seen as a major feature.

ESdat environmental database software used as a data management system is helping organizations to handle large amounts of data generated by adopting environmental standards such as ISO 14001.

ISO 14001 is a globally recognized environmental standard created to aid organizations in designing their own environmental management system. This helps organizations minimize the operations that negatively affect the environment i.e. changes to air, water, or land, and help them to comply with applicable laws, regulations, and other environmentally oriented requirements. Adopting the standard can save money by streamlining processes and reducing waste. ESdat environmental data management software is an efficient way of handling data created when organizations have adopted ISO 14001. A recent survey shows that 100% of environmental and geological professionals saved time when using Esdat Environmental Data Software and that having the data organized was seen as a major feature. Over 50% of professionals achieved time savings of at least 40%.

Organizations typically manage their geological, environmental and quality assurance (QA) data in numerous file formats and software packages. Often this requires entering data multiple times, increasing the chance for transcription errors as well as reducing productivity. ESdat enables information captured in various software systems to be fully integrated for analysis and reporting tasks. ESdat creates a robust, end-to-end environmental, groundwater and contaminated site data management system. The software increases productivity and reduces transcript errors.
ESdat allows for efficient importing from a range of systems or data sources into a central environmental database; provides data comparison and analysis, comprehensive reporting, and integration with other software. The system also performs QA analysis and has automatic data validation checks.

ESdat can be used to manage any kind of environmental information with Import Features that include: Electronic Sample Planning, Electronic Chain of Custody, PLog, Laboratory data, Logger Data, Historical data, and Field Notes. Data comparisons can be made against pre-compiled environmental standards and trigger levels.

Data comparison and analysis, reporting, and software integration includes: Environmental GIS, Trend Analysis and Graphs, Formatted Chemistry Tables, Chemical Quality Assurance, and ESdat Integrated Applications.

ESdat environmental data management software is typically used by environmental consultants and site managers; particularly those concerned with contaminated / industrial sites, groundwater investigations, landfill and regulatory compliance. The flexibility of ESdat means that it can be customized to meet the unique needs of users.