Introducing ESdat 5.1

At EScIS we are pleased to announce the general release of ESdat 5.  All ESdat users within maintenance will be able to update to ESdat 5 for no additional fee.

ESdat 5 includes new functionality that builds upon the existing features available in ESdat 4, as well as  a new look and some interface enhancements to make using ESdat even easier.  ESdat 5 will also be referred to as ESdat Desktop, to distinguish it from new ESdat Online functionality.

ESdat 5 has been made available to interested groups over the last few months, resulting in extensive feedback and improvements.  ESdat 5 is now to be officially launched as version 5.1.

The following describes the exciting features users will find upon installing ESdat 5.1 to get even more from your environmental data.

Further features are under development and are described here.

ESdat 5 supports Depth, Matrix and Chemical (ph etc..) dependent Environmental Standards

Depth - such as the NEPM 2013 Groundwater HSLs
Matrix - such as the NEPM 2013 Soil Vapour HSLs (which are also depth dependent)
Chemical - such as the Australian NEPM 2013 EILs and the Canadian BC Schedule 5 and 6.
Filtered - A standard applies to "Total" or "Filtered" concentrations.
Textual Prefix and Suffix entries (such as NL in NEPM 2013). 


ESdat mapping now supports reading of WFS (Web Feature Services) in addition to the WMS (Web Mapping Services) previously supported in ESdat 4.  OpenStreetMaps linkages have been updated. 

As many government agencies provide these services for free, they can provide useful basemaps for your ESdat Data.

The SQL Version of ESdat also has the following additional enhancements.
  • Layers can be added to a central Layer Library for easy re-use on different Sites & Projects.
  • Latitude and Longitude values are automatically calculated from your projected co-ordinates (it UTM).
  • All data for all sites, irrespective of co-ordinate system, can now be displayed on one map in ESdat, or externally. This may be of particular interest for finding nearby historical boreholes or sampling completed in a different project.

  • An optional Web Feature Service (WFS) is available for publishing ESdat data for use in other systems.

Laboratory Result Validation

QA Flag is replaced by three levels of Qualifier:
    Validation_Qualifier and
Result Comments are replaced in the same way. 

The intent of these three levels is that qualifier and comments can be entered at each level.  When producing outputs (Such as Chemistry Tables) in ESdat, the Final value is shown if populated, otherwise the Validation value if populated, otherwise the Lab value).
If using the SQL Server version of ESdat Qualifiers and Comments can be entered directly into the browser based ESdat Online Interactive Chemistry Exceedance Tables. 

Chemistry Tables

Improvements have been made to the ESdat Chemistry Exceedance Tables to support conditional Environmental Standards.  The biggest shift however has been the availability of a Browser based version of the Chemistry Tables, called the "ESdat Web Interactive Chemistry Exceedance Tables" that is available to all users of ESdat - LSPECS.

LSPECS users have the ability to interactively interrogate results, assess exceedances and apply comments and qualifiers using ESdat Web Interactive Chemistry Exceedance Tables.  These can be configured and modified directly in a browser and exported from the browser to Excel. 

Import View

New look import view.


New Libraries for Post Import Custom Calculations and Combined Compounds.

In the SQL Server version these are now stored within a central library within the system, in the same way as is done for Environmental Standards.  They can now be applied by checking a checkbox within the system meaning they are easier to apply, and one copy of each is centrally maintained.
The Combined Compounds has also been simplified to remove overlapping options. A non-detect multiplier is entered, typically either 0, 0.5 or 1. If 0 then 0 will be used, unless all results are non-detects, in which case the In Access version the process is unchanged, the relevant files will need to be imported to the Project, or can be included in a New Database Template.


User Permissions in the SQL Server Version (View / Add / Edit / Delete) can now be set on a per-project level, so a user can have Add permissions on one project, Edit on another and View (Read-Only) on another. 
Restricted Sites/Projects.  A Project or Site can be identified as "Restricted", meaning users can only access that data if the Site/Project Managers for the specific Site/Project allow it.



Exports to external packages (Excel, Surfer, ArcView, MapInfo, EVS, ProUCL, WinLog, gINT) have been maintained and updated. 

Chem Profiles (SQL Version)

In the SQL Server version these are now saved against the Project and the current Profile shown on the main screen.

Database Upgrades

Are now managed from a Server based application, rather than run from the ESdat client.


ESdat5 Optional Upgrades

The following optional modules are also available with SQL Server Version of ESdat.  They require the "SQL Server Enterprise Upgrade" or the "SQL Server Single Office Upgrade"
1.       Laboratory Initiated Data Upload
2.       LSPECS Sample Planning and Electronic COC
3.       PLog Tablet Version for electronic field data collection.
4.       ESdat Online Laboratory Reports
5.       ESdat Online Reporting
3.       Edit Tracker
6.       ESdat Data Services
7.       ESdat WFS Service

All these Optional Upgrades first require the ESdat SQL Server Upgrade.

In order to make it more affordable for users currently using the Access version of ESdat to benefit from the functionality available with the SQL Server version, a low cost "Restricted" licence for the SQL Server Upgrade is available.  This Licence is restricted to usage only at a single address, as distinct from the full SQL Server Upgrade, which can act as a "enterprise" database for multiple offices to share data.
With the Single Office ESdat SQL Server upgrade, holders of an ESdat licence (single user, office or remote desktop) can now upgrade to use ESdat with SQL Server for a fraction of the previous SQL server upgrade cost. Organizations operating ESdat can now reap the benefits of the SQL Server version of ESdat at a price that will suit single office operations.
See our price list for details

Laboratory Initiated Data Upload

Data from laboratories will be submitted directly to ESdat, and ESdat will detect and automatically import the Laboratory Report into ESdat, sending a notification to Project Managers, who can click a link to see the laboratory report results in an ESdat Chemistry Table in a web browser.

LSPECS - Lab Sample Planning and electronic Chain of Custody

Detailed information on LSPECS is available here.

PLog on Tablets

The new version of PLog running on Android Tablets (or Windows Tablets via an emulator) now synchs automatically from the field directly to ESdat in real time. 

Borehole data can be viewed in the office as drilling progresses. 

Monitoring Round data (COC, Field Chemistry) can be viewed in near-real time as data is collected.


ESdat Online Laboratory Reports

Organizations operating ESdat SQL Server can now gain access to ESdat Online Laboratory Reports. ESdat Online Laboratory Reports provides an option for individuals who cannot gain direct access to the organizations network (i.e. using ESdat Desktop) but need to review laboratory reports.

ESdat Online Laboratory Reports provides all the most popular functionality previously only available on ESdat Desktop, such as Chemistry Exceedance Tables, QA Reports and mapping, but is also interactive!
Those who may benefit from ESdat Online Laboratory Reports include:
·         remotely located staff (who can access the internet, but not the work LAN/WAN)
·         clients (who may want quick, mobile access to the data without installing software)
·         other external users, such as data validators, auditors or regulators
All an organizations users who are licenced to use ESdat Desktop will be licenced to use ESdat Online Laboratory Reports.  Additional users can also be licenced for a fee. 


ESdat Online Reporting

ESdat now has customizable web based reporting. 

Data can be displayed via a "Public Portal" (publicly accessible data without a login), or can require a user name and password to log in.

Shoalhaven City Council have an example of an ESdat Public Portal.

Edit Tracker

All edits in the system can be tracked.  See here.

ESdat Data Services

ESdat Data Services provides system integration services for importing data automatically from other systems, or exporting data automatically to other systems.

Examples may include:

  • Automatically detecting and importing data provided from live data loggers

  • Providing consolidated data to external systems for high level compliance reporting

  • ESdat WFS

    ESdat WFS provides ESdat data in a "Web Feature Service" layer for WFS consumption by external GIS systems. This may be of use where ESdat data needs to be combined live with other data in any external desktop or web based GIS.