EDIF format

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EDIF format

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The ESdat Data Interchage Format (EDIF) is a file containing data that can be sent to other users.  It is used to transfer data between databases where transfer of the data rather than the database is required.


The file is actually a zip file which can be uncompressed using standard windows zip/unzip utilities or others such as PKZip.  The zipped file contains a collection of xml files representing data from the various data tables.


The user sending the data selects ("File - Export - Data Interchange File") from the ESdat menu's, and saves and e-mails the resultant file.


The receiver imports the file ("Import - Other File Types - Data Interchange File") and the data is then loaded into import templates within Excel.  The data loads into the Import Templates for review and error checking prior and during import.


The data may need some alterations prior to importing, for example:

ChemCodes (or CAS Numbers) may not all be listed in the receiving database, and will need to be added.

Locations may be given different names

It is typically recommended that someone with an appreciation of these issues be assigned the task of combining datasets.


This format can also be used as an easy way to copy data from multiple sites/projects into a single site/project.  Create a edif file from one, and import it into the other.