ESdat Custom Reports

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ESdat Custom Reports

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ESdat Custom Reports is a part of ESdat Server.


ESdat has the ability, via ESdat Server, of producing custom reports.  The ability to use reports developed using the telerik Reporting platform is included with ESdat Server, and a suite of standard reports are provided.  Custom telerik reports can be produced be EScIS on behalf of end users.


Users can also purchase the ESdat Server SSRS and Crystal Reports upgrade, which allows users to develop their own reports using either of these reporting platforms.  For more information please see ESdat Server help documentation, or your support contact.




The ESdat Crystal and SSRS Reporter allows users to view customised reports generating using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), or Crystal Reports.  This complements the standard reporting provided in ESdat, providing users with the ability to integrate any custom SSRS or Crystal report.   It is a view-only application.


For Licenced ESdat users, no additional Licencing is required for the ESdat Crystal and SSRS Reporter.  It can be installed and used whereever ESdat is Licenced.


Report design can be undertaken in users own licences of SQL Server Reporting Services, or Crystal Reports.  Reports should be generated against any valid database view that provides the data needed for the report.


Parameters can be included in the report, and the ESdat Crystal and SSRS Reporter will prompt the user for these parameters.  Where Parameters are used to filter data for the report, it is recommended that the Parameter name be the same as the Column Name in the data view providing the data.  For Example, if the report needs to filter by "Location_Code" in the SQL Server version of ESdat the parameter for this filter should be named "Location_Code".


No support for report design using SQL Server Reporting Services, or Crystal Reports is included, users will need to have pre-existing skills in these applications.  ESdat resellers can generate reports on a contractual basis if required.