Auto-import of data downloads

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Auto-import of data downloads

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Databases are provided to support import of certain downloadable government data and analysis of this data through ESdat in the native data structure (ie, it doesn't need to be 'fitted' into an ESdat - specific structure).  This means that the data is transparent and is stored in the database in the same structure as the download files.


Supported Downloads:

At Jan 2010 only the Geotracker download for California data is available.


Read only:

It is not anticipated that the user will be adding additional data to these data downloads, although data can be deleted (or edited) to meet specific requirements.

It is not anticipated that project specific data will be added to these databases.

Import of laboratory files in ESdat format to these databases is not supported (as they don't have the required database structure).

For this data to be integrated with ongoing project data it will need to be exported to Excel and imported into the project database in the generic manner for data obtained from other sources.


ESdat reference (zRef) tables:

Some ESdat reference tables are retained in the database to allow basic functionality (ie environmental standard comparison and unit conversion for unit consistency in outputs).



Queries have been added to the database to combine the data for analysis through ESdat (ie combine locations and chemistry results).


In order to use the Chemistry Output Table functionality, which requires some specific fields the field names in some queries have been renamed.  This requirement may be removed in future releases.



Usage of these databases through ESdat has nearly but not all ESdat functionality available.

The QA Checker is not available for these database structures, and some options in the Chemistry Output tables are not available where the required data is not available in the exports.