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Download files

This import supports download of:


ESI data (location, well, elevation, chemistry) for an entire county to a single database from


Site data (owner, description, etc..) is also imported, and is downloaded from


For import to ESdat the downloaded zip files should all be stored in the same directory.  They will be automatically unzipped and the data extracted by ESdat.


Import to a new database

To create a new database populated with the data the user should ensure they are using ESdat in Access mode (SQL Server based users can switch to reading Access databases by selecting "Access" in the dropdown on the bottom of the startup form).


The user should select File - New - For specific data downloads, and select the Geotracker download.


More information on usage of Geotracker data is given in the tutorials section at the end of this help file.


*The Geotracker download format current on 12 January 2010 is currently supported, and if changes are made to the Geotracker download format (by the data provider) users may need to draw it to the attention of