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The mapping Window enables quick display of data locations, as well as automated generation of common GIS outputs.  The co-ordinates are read directly from the Location table in the database.




The top toolbar shows functions relating to ESdat data.

Add Point - allows the user to click on the map to indicate the position of a new Location Code

Move Point - allows the user to click and drag a Location to a new position.  The co-ordinates in the database will be updated.

Lock Extent - when selecting a particular Data View ESdat will automatically zoom to the extent of the data.  The "Lock Extent" button prevents this and "Freezes" the extent as is.

Labels - Shows the user common geo-environmental labelling and attribute colouring options.  Using "Labels" is discussed later in more detail.

To Filter - if any point on the map are selected it sends the Location Codes to the filter, so the user can filter for just those points.

Copy - Copies the map to the Windows Clipboard for pasting into another program

Print - Prints the map using a "Print Template".  See later for more details

Add, New, Delete, Save As - relate to GIS basemap layers (loaded layers are displayed on the right).  All major GIS formats are supported.  



Clicking on a point while the cursor is in "Information(image012)" mode will provide information about that point.