Modifying Import Templates

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Modifying Import Templates

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Import Templates generally allow you to import to any column that is specified in the database.  Thus if you want to add an addition column to the Locations table you need to add that column to the database (using MS Access, or SQL Server Management Studio), then restart ESdat (or select Setup - Refresh Connection) and  generate that Import Template.


Saved Import Templates

Import Templates can be completely reconfigured in Excel, to the point of having a seperate "front page" used for data entry, and have the data sheets automatically populated ready for import.  Standard Excel Formulaes are used to populate the data sheets.  Common uses may be to replicate the look of field sheets to ease data entry.


Once created these sheets can be saved in the Templates folder, and users will be prompted to use the custom sheet whenever importing (prompting requires v4.3.26 or higher).  The templates need to be named in the following manner:




Field Chemistry


Borehole Logging (standard)


Borehole Logging (geotech)


Any other table

import_Any other table (ie import_ then table name)


Populated versions can also be imported under "Import" - "Populated Excel Import Template".  Using saved Import Templates