New Projects (Access versions only)

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New Projects (Access versions only)

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File Name:        EScIS_Environmental_and_Hydrogeology.mdb



Access based systems only.  This template can be renamed if desired, and any matching file pairs (ie with a .mdb and .esd extension) will be available as the basis for creating a new project database under File - New.

It is important that site data not get accidently imported to this database as it will be automatically present in all new project databases based on this template.


Proceedure for creating a custom New Project Template is:


Copy the above files to your ESdat Template Directory.

Rename both files (the name for both files must be the same, only the file extension differing)

Open the template database file (File - Open - Other) in ESdat.

Edit the data in this file as required.  Data edits / imports are in the same manner as with other ESdat databases.
Typical edits may be to:

ocustomise the Chem Group and output units in the zRef_Chemistry_Lookup table, or

oimport standard environmental guidelines which will be used in all new projects.


Values can be exchanged from an existing project , if it contains suitable values for using in the Template, either by using an ESdat Data Interchange File, or exporting from the Project to Excel and importing (updating) into this Template.