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Print Templates

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Template files (.tpl files) for printing maps from ESdat are provided in the Templates directory (see templates).  These files can be customised, either by simply replacing the graphic "Logo.bmp" in the same directory, or by completely re-designing the borders, text, and content.


To re-design the template it needs to be opened in a text editor, such as notepad.  The example file contains the following content:


 FRAME1=     *0.75cm, *1.00cm,*-0.75cm,*-5.00cm,black,0.01mm

 MAP1=     *0.85cm, *1.10cm,*-0.85cm,*-5.10cm

 LEGEND1= *-4.9cm, *1.20cm,*-0.75cm,*-5.10cm,white

 FRAME2=    *0.75cm, *-5.00cm,*-0.75cm,*-0.80cm,black,0.01mm

 TEXT1=    *1.5cm, *-4.8cm,*15cm, *-2.00cm,LEFTJUSTIFY,BLACK,,20,BOLD, [Title]

 TEXT2=   *1.5cm, *-2.8cm,*15cm, *-1.00cm,LEFTJUSTIFY,BLACK,,10,,,"Custom Text"

 TEXT3=   *1.5cm, *-1.8cm,*15cm, *-1.00cm,LEFTJUSTIFY,BLACK,,10,,,"[Project_Name]"

 TEXT4=   *1.5cm, *-1.2cm,*15cm, *-0.50cm,LEFTJUSTIFY,BLACK,,10,,,"Date:"

 TEXT5=   *1.5cm, *-1.2cm,*15cm, *-0.50cm,LEFTJUSTIFY,BLACK,,10,,,"[Date]"

 GRAPHIC1= *-5.00cm, *-3cm, *-1.00cm, *-1cm,"Logo.bmp"

 Scale1=   *8cm, *-2.8cm,*-8cm, *-1.00cm



The generic structure is:



  TEXTn=left,top,right,bottom, justify,color,fontname,fontsize,fontstyle,charset,value






(where n is increasing numbers)


Positions can be expressed in centimeters (cm), millimeters (mm), point (pt) and inches (in); if expressed with '*' then calculation will be performed relative to printer margins; if expressed without '*' then calculations will be performed relative to page size.


Valid TEXT values include any text, or the following placeholders: [Title],[Scale],[Date], [Chem_Name_Units] (give the full name and output units for the abbreviated ChemNames on the map) or Project and Site Field Names.