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Exports to ProUCL are available from within the main ESdat interface, and from the Chemistry Output Table.  ProUCL is a free application produced by the USEPA.  At the time of writing it can be downloaded from


Export from main interface

The export to ProUCL from the main interface is available for chemistry data.  Users get the option to group the results by one of the fields (Area, Zone, or Monitoring Unit may be good choices) and this information is also exported to ProUCL and available for use in the statistics.


Export from the Chemistry Output Table

The export from the Chemistry Output Table is designed for analysis of all data in the table, and no grouping option is provided.  Where data in the Chemistry Output Table is represented by a range (see Chemistry Output Tables for more info) the average value is used.


The path to ProUCL from here will not be remembered when specified.  Users should open ProUCL at least once from the main interface so that ESdat records the path, which will then be provided to the export.