Standard Borehole and Geology Import Template

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Standard Borehole and Geology Import Template

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Borehole logging data can be imported using the  Borehole/Geological Logging Template (see General Importing), or selecting a specific Data Table.  The Borehole/Geological Logging Template opens Import Sheets for the following:



Location Information


Each location that is also a borehole should be entered into the Borehole table, where borehole specific information is entered.

Borehole Advancement

Drilling Method and Diameter

Geology Logging

Lithology and Sequence Information.  The columns presented can be customised.  See Customising Geology Import Columns

Borehole Waterstrikes

Water Strike depths and recovery levels

Borehole Depth Comments

Depth related comments

Borehole Samples

Sample Fields (as specified in the "import_Borehole_Samples" view.  Users can also click on the fields and change in the import template.


Compounds presented automatically are those that have a Chem_Group 'Borehole' in the Chemistry Lookup Table.  Ad-hoc extras can be added to the right in the import template.

Borehole Backfill

Material backfilled into the borehole (eg Bentonite, Filter Pack etc..).  Extra codes may be added to the reference table zRef_Borehole_Backfill_Codes, however if exporting to gINT or WinLog any extra codes may not be automatically associated with a graphic.


Well construction information


See also Creating Drop-Downs