Template Directories

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Template Directories

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A Corporate Template directory should be set up in the first instance .  See Network Directory & Files


Template files can then be copied from the "Templates" directory under the ESdat installation folder, as required.  It is not desirable to copy templates that have not been customised as these will continue to be accessed from the installation folder.  Modified templates should never be stored in the ESdat installation path (ie under Program Files) as changes will be lost during ESdat updates.  For information about the particular template files please see the "Template Files" topic.


In addition to a Corporate Templates directory, users can set up template directories that are Project specific, or Ad/hoc specific.  


ESdat checks directories in the following order until it finds the required template file:


Project Specific Templates:
A "Templates" subdirectory of where the project database is stored (Access databases only).  If the relevant template is present here it will always be used.

Ad-hoc Template Directory:
(menu Setup  - Template Path.)


Corporate Templates Directory

Installation Path