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A Well (or piezometer) is a pipe inserted into the ground to measure depths and chemistry of groundwater (generally through a Screened Interval).  All water level data requires a Well Code, and chemistry samples have the option of being associated with a Well Code.


Multi-level piezometers

Where multi-level piezometers are used a typical Well Code may be a sequence, such as A, B, C, D or "Deep" and "Shallow".



Single Piezometers

Where only a single piezometer is installed the WellCode isn't usually relevant so, it is recommended a "-" (dash) be used.  It is still necessary to enter a dash (or other character) into the Chemistry Samples table in order to match the data to the well.


Surface Water

Surface Water may be given a WellCode if it is desirable to group data into vertical profiles.


If different survey points are used at different water levels these can be identified as different "Well Codes" if it is desirable that the "Location Code" remain consistent.