Chem Profiles

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Chem Profiles

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The Visibility, Name, Order, Units and Grouping used for compounds in the Chemistry Tables can be set under the "Chem Profile" menu.


These values can be edited if the user is an owner of a Chemistry Profile; an edit (pencil) button next to a ChemName is selected. Clicking the edit button will load the following form.


If the user is not the owner of the current Chemistry Profile the edit button won't be available, and the user will need to change to a Profile they can edit, or create a new Profile.



clip0498 clip0497


Definitions are:




Chem Group:        


Output Units:

The Name to be used for the compound.

The Name to be used in Map outputs.

The internal grouping for that compound, if users wish to group by the Internal Grouping.

An integer indicating the relative position of the ChemName. The order of a ChemName can also be adjusted within the Chem Names menu by drag and drop.

The units in which the results will be output.  It is possible to view multiple Lab Reports which have Reported in different units as all results will be converted to the selected unit.


The changes must be saved to the current Profile for the changes to apply.