Validation and Uploading Data

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Validation and Uploading Data

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To upload data browse for and select one or more files and click Upload.





Both adding new data and updating existing data is supported. If a record already exists and a new non-null value is uploaded this will overwrite the existing value. Note that existing values are not overwritten by a null value on import.


The data integrity is checked during upload. Checks are for the following:


Required fields and must be populated with data.
Data types are enforced during import, for example the numerical field of x_coord must only contain numbers.
Field lengths are enforced, if the length of a field is exceeded this will be Reported as an import error.
Duplicate data such as multiples of the same Location code will not be imported.
Invalid reference data will not be imported. For example if an unknown monitoring zone, site or Project is referenced on a Location it will be Reported as an error.
The logged in user must have add permissions for the Projects they are uploading data against.
If a new site and Project association is made in the data upload it will be highlighted for confirmation before being created in the System. For example GWMonitoring Project is not currently associated with the site Red Hill, but in the data upload there is a Location for Red Hill in the GWMonitoring Project then this association will be created during import. Users are given a warning that this association will be created and then asked to confirm.


If any of these checks fail a summary of all the import errors are displayed to the user, an example is shown below. In this instance close the Processing Error(s) notification window and address the data issues and re-upload the file.






If no import errors are Reported the data will be uploaded and the file becomes highlighted in green to indicate success.




Multiple files for the same file importer can be uploaded together. Browse for and select all the files before clicking Upload. Any import errors will be Reported for data across all the files.