Lab Submission Details

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Lab Submission Details

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Lab submissions for Scheduled or Planned Monitoring Rounds will be mostly pre-populated with details grouped in panels which can be clicked to view and edit the information in each.

For ad-hoc Monitoring Rounds, details will need to be populated from a blank template, or by copying an existing submission. Each step is described below.

Once complete, submissions can be saved, printed or sent to the lab by clicking the appropriate button.




Lab Submission Info


The Project and Sites are derived from the Monitoring Round. These fields are read only and updated according to the Monitoring Round selection.

There is an option to auto generate the SDG/COC number. This is a concatenation of the following:

Abbreviation of destination lab; for example Australian Lab Services is abbreviated to ALS.
Numerical sequence of the SDG being submitted to the lab.

This can be updated to something specific to your organisation. It is important to note that the SDG/COC number must match the COC value sent with the samples to the laboratory.

Up to two labs can be defined for a Monitoring Round, the primary and secondary. The samples will be sent to the lab shown here for Analyses. Enter or select the following:

Lab Name - search for an existing lab or add a new lab for selection.
Lab Quote - select the lab quote from the lab. Note, it is optional to have a lab quote number defined.
Contact Name - search for an existing contact or add a new contact for selection.
Email - is a read only field populated from the selected contact.


Details about who in your organisation will receive laboratory communications are included in the Report To section. Users are selected from the drop-down list.


Accounting information is entered in the PO and Bill To sections.


Turn-around times and special instructions can be entered to meet your Project requirements.


Submitted Samples


Sample information is entered into the form by expanding the fields using the >> button.


Type your values, or select from the drop-downs.





Location Visits can be created and defined for each sample.  A Location Visit comprises a Location Code, and a Visit Date/Time.





Container information is added from the Lab Quote selected in the Lab Submission section, or from the internal quote. Once added, enter the appropriate number of each container against the required sample.




Analysis information is added from the Lab Quote selected in the Lab Submission section, or from the internal quote. Once added, analysis is assigned to a sample by checking the box.





Relinquishment of Physical Samples

The handover details must be completed before sending to the laboratory. A validation message pops up if these details have not been entered when Send to Lab is clicked.




Requests and Versions

A new request or version of an existing lab submission can be generated and sent to the lab.

Details of Requests and Versions can be found here.