Managing User Licences

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Managing User Licences

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ESdat Server is Licenced by Named Users, and Licences can also be purchased for ESdat Online. A Named User is a single person, and includes all users of the software that require a login, whether in an Administrative or Standard capacity.


ESdat Server comes standard with 2 Named Users, and additional Named Users can be purchased separately.


Licences are assigned on a "first in best dressed" basis as users access the relevant ESdat module until the quota is used. In the following example 1 user out of a possible 4 have accessed ESdat.





Details of the used Licences are available by clicking the Number Of Users link.




Licences can be removed from the user by clicking the Delete button (note: note this doesn't deleted the user, just removes the Licence).


The Licence will now be assigned to the next unlicenced user that accesses the relevant ESdat module.