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A Monitoring Round Plan is a plan of all the Locations to be visited, laboratory samples (and containers) to be collected, field parameters to be measured, documents that may be useful (such as procedures), and other field information.





Menu items specific to the round include:


Print - the sampling plan can be printed for use and reference in the field.

Print COC - Print the COC(s) for the Primary (and Secondary, if applicable) laboratory, based off the plan.  The Print COC will also print a blanks COC for each Laboratory, should that be needed while in the field.

Download Documents - Download documents referenced in the Plan, such as procedures, maps, etc.

Send to PLog - The Monitoring Round must be assigned to a user before it can be sent to PLog. The assigned user will receive the sampling plan in their PLog. They must be registered as a PLog logger using their user account email address to receive the sampling plan from LSPECS. An administrator sets up users as PLog loggers via the PLog admin web page.

Labels - labels for the sample containers can be printed.

Copy Plan to New - the current round is copied to a new one for which details such as Project, sites, dates and program an be updated. It is a quick way to create a new round from an existing round definition.

Details of populating a Monitoring Round Plan are summarised in the following sections.