Populating the Enviro Standards Bulk Import Template

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Populating the Enviro Standards Bulk Import Template

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1.Download a blank Enviro Standards Bulk Import Template by clicking on Download Template. This will create a blank import template in Excel.







3.  Populate the template.  Take care that you populate the template inside the "Excel Table" part of the worksheet.  This is defined by the small clip0018 in the bottom right of the list.  You can tell if you have populated the list correctly, as the worksheet will have alternating blue and white rows.




4. Save the template and import by clicking the Upload New Standard button.




5. Navigate to the file you just created and click Upload files.




6. ESdat will perform a series of validation steps prior to importing the Standard and notify you of any errors which may need to be corrected before the standard will import.  Fix any issues in your Excel template and repeat steps 4-5 until you have successfully uploaded the Standard.




7. Your new Environmental Standard will now be available to manage and edit via the Env Standards menu.  From here you can modify other required fields as described in Managing Environmental Standards section.