Populating the Template

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Populating the Template

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The Import Templates utilise Microsoft Office Excel tables to assist with easy visualisation of the data you are entering into the template.


The first row contains the column header information, which relates to the corresponding table column that the data will be imported into in ESdat.  Columns with an asterix (*) in the header are required fields and must be populated with data.


Enter your data starting from the first blank cell below the header (in the example below this is cell A5).




As you enter data, subsequent rows in the Excel table are alternately highlighted to indicate they will be used for import.




It is important that you enter your data within the Microsoft Office Excel table.  Data outside this table will not be imported.

You can identify the Excel table extent by its alternating row colours and the clip0523 in the bottom right corner of the table, or by using the standard Excel "Insert Rows" function.