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The user is offered the following options for displaying results on the Table.





When enabled, non-detects will be hidden  


When enabled, only results exceeding selected Environmental Standards will be shown


No Result Label is the text to be displayed when there is no result.  Typical values are "-" or "NA" or just left blank.

Allows an alternative to "<EQL".  Typical alternatives are "ND" or just left blank.


The Detect Cell Style can be set so that detects stand out.  For example in Bold.


Non-detect Cell Style can be set so the non-detects are less obvious.  For example changing the colour to a shade of grey.


Include Prefix sets whether or not the Results Prefix (< or >) is shown.  For example, you might disable this when using the Lab Qualifier "U".



For more information on Qualifers see Qualifiers and Comments.

Here the level of qualifers that will be shown on the table are set.

If a qualifier is available at multiple selected levels a heirarchy will apply;

ie the Final Qualifer will be shown if present, otherwise the Validation Qualifier, otherwise the Lab Qualifiers.







Comments apply using the same logic as Qualifiers.  See the above link and hierarchy.

Comments are not displayed on the actual table due to their potential length, however each Comment is assigned a number which is displayed on the Table as #1, #2 etc...  The Legend is shown under Result Details and Comments.