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Monitoring Round Schedules (formerly Monitoring Programs) can be developed for one-off, recurring or ad-hoc field events and will typically consist of:


one or more field sampling events (Monitoring Rounds)
one or more matrix types (i.e. soil, water, sediment, gas ….etc)
one or more locations at one or more sites


A Schedule does not necessarily require laboratory analysis – it may consist of field observations and/or measurements (such as water levels or pH measurements). The inverse also applies – field observations/measurements are not required


The following are examples of Monitoring Rounds that can be Scheduled:


Weekly groundwater gauging at 100 sites across Australia (an example of a Schedule comprising recurring Rounds at multiple sites)
Monthly groundwater sampling at a site, where samples are analysed for a unique analytical combination, depending upon the location (example of a Schedule comprising recurring Rounds at a site)
A surface water sampling event at a 10 locations across a site, triggered by rainfall events, with each sample analysed for unique analytical combination depending upon the location (example of a Schedule comprising ad-hoc Rounds)


Monitoring Rounds Schedules Dashboard




Schedules can be accessed by users with LSPECS Scheduler roles.


Schedule Details can be created by clicking Create Schedule or selecting an existing Schedule by clicking on the Schedule name.