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When Lab Reports are outside their initial 12 month purchase period they begin to incur a storage fee. The Reports incurring a storage cost are listed under Storage and the Storage Allocations and usage can be managed here too.


Report storage is set at a rate and can be purchased up to a certain storage level per year.  It is possible to set the Storage Allocation for the next period, which may be an increase or decrease on the current allocation. The storage payment can be to set to auto process when it is due, removing the need for a reminder notification and manual payment. For example you may wish to increase the storage from 50 to 100 Reports for the next billing year and want to have this payment automatically processed from your account.


The Storage Allocation can be increased during the annual billing period by updating the Current Storage Allocation amount. Any unused portion of storage for the current billing period is credited on a rate per day basis against the due payment.


The expired Reports per Project incurring storage costs are listed grouped by Project. The consumption of the total Storage Allocation is shown on a bar graph. Expired Reports are removed from the Storage Allocation when a Project is set inactive and deleted.