Requests & Versions

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Requests & Versions

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A new request or version of an existing lab submission can be generated and sent to the lab.

A new Lab Request is created to request additional Analyses for a lab submission.
A new Version is generated to correct a mistake made in a previous submission. When adding a new version all previous versions are cancelled. If the previous request has been forwarded to the lab they should be notified in person, in addition to sending the new Version to the lab.

All versions and requests are listed in the Monitoring Round Overview page.


A new version or request can be added from the Lab Submission page or the Monitoring Round Overview page:




After clicking Add the user will be asked whether to add a Request, or a Version.


When a new request is created the request number is incremented and all the values from the previous request are copied except for the Analyses. The Analyses from the previous request are listed but all selections are cleared.

Details for managing versions can be found here.