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A list of Your Active Monitoring Rounds are presented with details of the round, quick links to planning actions, field and lab data upload and the current status.

Your Active Monitoring Rounds Dashboard


The active Monitoring Rounds for the current logged in user are listed in rows.

Ad-hoc Monitoring Rounds can also be created from this page, using the  Create Monitoring Round  button. Field Data and Laboratory Submission details can be uploaded for an ad-hoc, unplanned sampling event.

The list of Monitoring Rounds can be searched by free text using the Filter Monitoring Rounds search box.  All rounds containing the free text entered in the search box are returned in the Your Active list. The Monitoring Rounds are searched using text from the round name, Site or Project.

For each active Monitoring Round the name, Project, start and end dates and to whom it is assigned is displayed. A user can quickly navigate to, or execute, main tasks by clicking on:

Overview - takes the user to the Monitoring Round overview page, and provides a summary of Field Data entries and Laboratory Submissions.
Cancel - cancels the scheduled Monitoring Round.
View - takes the user to the Monitoring Round Plan, which defines Locations, Field Parameters and Laboratory Sample analysis for the Monitoring Round.
Field Data and Laboratory Submissions are listed as they are entered either by download from Plog or by direct entry into LSPECS. They are hyperlinked back to the detailed field data & Laboratory Submission pages.  The Status drop down shows status of the field component of the Monitoring Rounds and can be updated from the dashboard.