Autogenerate Location Code

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Autogenerate Location Code

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The functionality to autogenerate a Location Code is provided to help organisations manage the naming and nomenclature of their Location Naming. Users can choose to click on this button, or enter a value from the keyboard.




The Location Code is automatically generated as follows:


[Site or Zone Prefix]-[Location_Type][Counter]


The integer length is the length of the numeric segment of the location code. For example a length of 2 would give "01" and a length of 3 would give "001".


The prefixes for sites and zones are set in the site definition. If a zone prefix is set then this is used to generate the location code. If the zone prefix has not been set then the site prefix will be used.


To distinguish zones between sites in the location code a good approach would be to include a site identifier in the zone prefix eg: "CPR_A" could be used as a valid zone prefix to identify that this zone A is on site CPR (Copper Hill).