Compare ChemCodes

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Compare ChemCodes

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ESdat allows you to compare your list of ChemCodes and Chem Profile settings to the online reference database.


From the Chem Profiles screen click Compare ChemCodes.




A list of all chemicals in the selected Profile will be shown comparing your values with the reference database.


Fields that can be compared are Chem Name, Abbreviation, Chem Group, Liquid Units, Solid Units and Gas Units.




Columns can be hidden by unchecking them from the Compare options in the top right corner.




The values in the selected Profile are shown in the first column, while the values from the EScIS reference database are shown next to it on the right. Columns can be expanded for ease of readability.


Where differences are observed, these are flagged with a yellow mark. clip0104


Records in your Profile can be updated by selecting the check-box and clicking Update Selected.




If you believe that any of the records in the reference database are in error, you can report this to EScIS by clicking Suggest Modification to Reference System and a pre-populated email template will be generated for you to send through to EScIS.