Consolidated ChemCodes

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Consolidated ChemCodes

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Although EScIS manage a library of ChemCodes, occasionally you may use a lab that reports data using a different ChemCode than the one setup in ESdat.


Consolidating ChemCodes allows the system to correctly compare your chemicals between laboratories when the ChemCodes don't match.




Consolidated To - shows the ChemCode used in your system

Chem Code - the list of ChemCodes which have been consolidated

Original Chem Name - the name reported in the laboratory csv file, import template or other source

Original Unit - the unit reported by the laboratory or captured through the field portal

Used as Alternate - defines when the ChemCode will be consolidated.

 With Chem Code: The ChemCode will be consolidate whenever it is detected

 With Chem Code and Chem Name: will be consolidated when both the Chem Code and Original Chem Name match

 With Chem Code, Chem Name and Unit: will be consolidated when all three parameters match.

Comments - can be recorded against consolidations



A library of consolidations is also managed in the online reference system.  These consolidations can be reviewed and imported for use in your own system by clicking Import Consolidation.




A list of available consolidations will be shown and these can be imported into your system by selecting the check-box and clicking Import Consolidated ChemCodes.




You can notify EScIS of any potential errors by clicking Report Issue and a pre-populated email template will be generated for you to send through to EScIS.