Create a New Map Layout

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Create a New Map Layout

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Map Layouts are managed by Admin users and can be accessed by clicking the Layers button.


As with Tables and Chemistry Profiles, Map Layouts can be customised depending on your needs.


To create a new Layout select Copy to New from the Map Layout drop down, and give your new Layout a name.




Check "All Users" if you want the Layout to be available to all users in your organisation.




Your new Layout will automatically be selected and is ready to add new layers.




The process for adding WMS and WFS services to your Map Layout is the same.


Select whether you want to add a new WMS or WFS.




If you have previously added services to ESdat, these will be listed and available to add to your Layout by clicking on the blue service name.




To add a new service, type or paste the Service URL in the field and click Add Service.  This will add the service to the list for selection.




Click on the blue service link to select the layers to add to your map.




The chosen layers will now be available for selection in your Map Layout.




Rearrange your layers by dragging and dropping.

Turn layers on and of by checking the box.

You can rename layers by clicking the pencil icon and typing your new name.




Save your changes by selecting Save from the Map Layout drop down.