Role Descriptions

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Role Descriptions

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The below descriptions of the roles apply when the standard "Authorisations" are applied.  Changing the Authorisations for a role will change how it behaves and is not recommended.


Can see all screens and perform all actions.


Can access the Projects and Sites section of ESdat.

Can view future and past LSPECS Monitoring Events by Site and Project (the Sample Tracking screens).

List Editors

Can edit lists of

Container Type, Preservative, Volume  
Any list that is indicated by the green plus symbol.


Field Data Management

Can view their Active Monitoring Rounds list, view the Monitoring Plan for each Monitoring Round; and upload field data. Cannot view laboratory results without other permissions.

Lab Reports Viewer

Can search and view Lab Reports.

Simple Field Data Entry

Can use the ESdat Field Portal.


Can use the Locations Portal.


Base role for access to the application.