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Technical Contact - Your organisations primary ESdat Power User

Application Base URL - Address for accessing the web-interface through your network

Administrator Email - the account any System error notifications are sent to from the application.

Support Email Address - the account application users can email for support. It is referred to in the ESdat Licencee Welcome email.

Change Tracker URL - Address for accessing the Change Tracker module (if licenced)

Enable ESlog Application - Ability to generate logs via ESlog

ESlog URL - ESlog web address

Enable Locations Portal Application Control -

AD Connection String - Network string used to import AD users into the system

Lab Submission Footer - Text included on lab submissions when printed or viewed as html

Send Site Information With Lab Submissions - Choose whether or not to include Site information on the lab submission

Chem Codes Reference Service URL - Web address of EScIS managed reference for ChemCodes

Environmental Standards Reference Service URL - Web address of EScIS managed reference for Environmental Standards

Send log information to EScIS - Choose whether to automatically send error notifications to EScIS