Getting Started

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Getting Started

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Welcome to ESdat Server!


ESdat is a management system for collating and reporting environmental data.


The steps listed below will help new users start to import laboratory results.


Create Users


To get started, you will need to create Users, either as Standard or Admin users.


Depending on how you have installed ESdat, Users will be created by your IT department, or within Licencee Management.




Users can be assigned to Projects and given different permissions, from Read Only up to Project Manager.  More details on creating users can be found here.


Create a Project


In ESdat Server, all monitoring data, including laboratory data is organised by Project. This allows users to filter data based on Project or combine data from multiple projects.  Only Admin or Scheduler users can create new Projects.


To create or manage a Project, login to ESdat and from the home page select Projects




Add a new project. A Project ID and Project Name are required. Other information can be added as required.




More information on creating and managing Projects and assigning user permissions can be found here.


Importing Laboratory Reports


Laboratory Reports can be imported with ESdat Desktop, ESdat Server Web Interface, or via the Lab Initiated Report Upload subscription service.


To import Laboratory Reports via ESdat Desktop please see the ESdat Desktop help files.


To import Laboratory Reports via either the ESdat Server Web Interface or the Lab Initiated Report Upload, the ESdat Project ID needs to be included in the ESdat format files provided by your laboratory.  This allows ESdat to automatically  reconcile the Lab Report with the correct Project in ESdat.


The easiest way to provide the Project ID to the laboratory is on your chain-of-custody (CoC) documentation.



If utilising the Lab Initiated Report Upload service, you must also configure ESdat with a dedicated email address specifically for receiving ESdat format laboratory reports (find your email details under Licencee Management).  Then ask your laboratory to submit your results as ESdat format lab deliverables to this email address, and ESdat does the rest.  A list of laboratories that can provide ESdat format is provided here.


Lab Reports can also be uploaded via the ESdat Server Web Interface by using the Add Lab Report button.  More information on adding Lab Reports using this method can be found here.




As part of the import process, ESdat validates that the files supplied by the laboratory conform with the ESdat format.


Occasionally an error may creep into a laboratory report (such as text in a numerical field, or a missing essential element).


Where errors are detected in emailed laboratory reports, ESdat generates a detailed error report, describing the problem, that is sent to the following recipients:


The sender (typically the laboratory)
The ESdat Project Manager or Licencee Admin users if the Project ID does not reconcile correctly


Other Functions


ESdat does a lot more than just managing your laboratory data.


Review the Typical ESdat Workflow section for more details, follow the links in the table of contents (on the left of your screen), or ask your trainer if you have elected to receive getting started training.