Data Importers

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Data Importers

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File Importers are available for uploading bulk data into the System. Each File Importer is custom developed according to requirements and uploaded and maintained by an administrator under Settings.




To add a new File Importer click Add Data Importer and enter information where applicable. Browse for and select the Data Importer file in .zip format for upload and click save. This uploads the Data Importer.

There is an option to Stop Automatic processing on Warnings, if there is a warning or error the upload process will abort and log the issue.




The File Importer can be set to watch source locations, if a file is placed in a source location it will be automatically processed. The three types of source locations that can be specified are: UNC File directory, FTP and email accounts.





When saved and uploaded File Importers are listed for review and management. They can be updated and edited by clicking on the link. A header file can be generated to be included for upload via web service ie: automatically from a remote server.