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Import ChemCodes

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Due to the evolving nature of environmental monitoring, contaminants of potential concern (COPC) and emerging contaminants are regularly added to the standard list of chemicals that need monitoring as part of environmental programs.


This means that new ChemCodes and analyses are regularly being added to ESdat.


EScIS maintains a list of ChemCodes, Chem Groups and reporting units as part of our online ESdat system.


It's now possible to query this list of chemicals from your own implementation of ESdat, and import any new ChemCodes into your system.


From the Chem Profiles screen click Import ChemCodes.




A list of ChemCodes that are not present in your database will be shown.




These chemicals can be imported into your database by selecting the check-box and clicking Import Selected.




If you believe that any of the ChemCodes listed are in error, you can report this to EScIS by clicking Report Issue and a pre-populated email template will be generated for you to send through to EScIS.