Import Lab Reports

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Import Lab Reports

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To import Laboratory Reports via either the ESdat Server Web Interface or the Lab Initiated Report Upload, your laboratory will need to provide your results in ESdat Electronic Lab Data Format version 2e (ELDF).


The purpose of the ELDF is to enable transfer of data from a laboratory to ESdat users in a format which allows checking and direct import into ESdat.


The lab will provide three files as part of the ELDF:




More details of the ELDF can be found on our website:


A list of laboratories that can provide ESdat format is provided here.


The ESdat Project ID needs to be included in the EDLF provided by your laboratory.  This allows ESdat to automatically reconcile the Lab Report with the correct Project in ESdat.


The easiest way to provide the Project ID to the laboratory is on your chain-of-custody (CoC) documentation.



If subscribing to the Lab Initiated Report Upload service, ESdat must be configured with a dedicated email address specifically for receiving ESdat format laboratory reports (refer to Licencee Management).  Then ask your laboratory to submit your results as ESdat format lab deliverables to this email address, and ESdat does the rest.


Lab Reports can also be uploaded using the Add Lab Report button.  The three ELDF files (as well as any supporting documentation such as PDFs) need to be included in a single zip file.  Click the "Add Lab Report" button, navigate to your zip file, and ESdat will do the rest.




As part of the import process, ESdat validates that the files supplied by the laboratory conform with the ESdat format.


Occasionally an error may creep into a laboratory report (such as text in a numerical field, or a missing essential element).


Where errors are detected in emailed laboratory reports, ESdat generates a detailed error report, describing the problem, that is sent to the following recipients:


The sender (typically the laboratory)
The ESdat Project Manager or Licencee Admin users if the Project ID does not reconcile correctly