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User accounts for a Licencee are listed here.


Windows Authentication


On-site installations of ESdat Server will typically use Windows Authentication to create and manage users.  User accounts are added by syncing ESdat with Active Directory (AD) Group membership, managed by your IT Department.  Windows Authentication matches your user name and password with your Windows login, meaning that once logged onto your computer, you won't be prompted to enter them again to access ESdat.


ESdat and LSPECS Roles (User Type) are managed by assigning the user to the correct AD Group.





Forms Authentication


If utilising EScIS' Server Hosting service, Forms Authentication is used to login to ESdat.  User accounts are created and managed by your organisations Power Users, and require the use of a user name and password.  New users are created by clicking the Add User button.


Forms Authentication allows Power Users to manage all aspects of the users ESdat and LSPECS Roles.  Power Users can also reset a users password (sending an email to the user), or if required delete users.




Mixed Authentication


In certain circumstances, organisations with on-site installations of ESdat Server may need to grant access to users outside their organisation.  This requires the use of Mixed Authentication, which allows organisations with Windows Authentication to create "External Users" by utilising Forms Authentication.  External Users need to be licenced, and are managed the same way as those users created with Forms Authentication.