Location Visits

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Location Visits

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When an ad-hoc Monitoring Round is created the first Location Visit can be defined. The Details tab is shown by default for entering details.


The fields and analytes available in the Details, Groundwater and Sample Data forms are configured in a "Field Profile". Details on how admin users can configure Field Profiles and the content of the Location Visit forms is available in Field Portal Config.





Multiple groundwater data records can be added for a Location Visit, for each well sampled. Either the water depth, dry or comments field must be populated for groundwater data. Depending on the field profile the measurement method Dip is default selected, other options are available.





Multiple samples can be recorded for a Location Visit. The field parameters for recording are defined in the field profile. An expected range may be shown for a field parameter, and also an absolute min or max value may be referenced for validation of measurements. A comments field is available for each field parameter.






If a Location Visit has been saved and then a subsequent change is made, it is necessary to add a change comment on the record. This is at the bottom of each of the Location Visit tabs.






Photos can be uploaded for a Location Visit. Description or comments can be added and edited against each photo.