Monitoring Round Plan Info

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Monitoring Round Plan Info

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The Monitoring Round Plan Info section contains basic information about the Plan.




Monitoring Round - Enter a meaningful name to describe the Round.  This name will be used to identify the Monitoring Round throughout ESdat, including LSPECS, the Field Portal and Data Views


Project - The Project the work is being conducted under.


Sites - Sites related to the Project will be shown.  Select the Sites the work is being conducted on.  Multiple sites can be selected in a single Monitoring Round.



Start Date - Enter the date the Monitoring Round is scheduled to start.


End Date - Enter the date the Monitoring Round is estimated to end.


Scheduled Monitoring Rounds - Assign the Monitoring Round with a Schedule if required.  If the Monitoring Round has been generated from within the Schedules section of LSPECS, this section will already be populated.  Monitoring Rounds can be linked with more than one Schedule.



Assigned To - The user managing the field work (may be the person completing the fieldwork, or the person supervising the field team).


Assigned By - The project manager who is assigning the fieldwork.


Comments - General notes or instructions related to the Monitoring Round.