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ESdat sends notifications to registered users on triggering of events and status updates. They are sent to the users email address.


Settings for each notification are managed under Settings/Notifications. Here the importance, method of notification and other meta information can be viewed and edited. Only users with administration permissions have access to manage Notification Settings.

The Notification Settings available are listed. Click on a Setting or drill down further to view and manage details in the right panel:


Standard Notification Settings


Every notification has these three common settings:

Importance - the importance applied to the email that is sent.
Notify via email - to send this notification to users by email.
Notify via Application - to make the notification visible in the Notifications page in LSPECS (if licenced).

Some notifications also have these other settings:

Overdue Notifications Threshold (months) - how long a notification will be sent for while it remains overdue.
Grace Period (days) - number of days to wait before the notification is first sent.

There are also other custom settings for details and description of these click on the information icon.