pLog Custom Fields Config

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pLog Custom Fields Config

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Custom Fields can be defined to sync data from a pLog form to an ESdat table.


Available fields will be listed in the dialogue box.  You can target custom columns in your ESdat target table, however only known fields in pLog can be imported from (i.e. those in the Standard ESdat pLog tablet configuration file which will have been provided to you).


Custom field configurations will supersede default ESdat sync fields.




Custom Field syncing requires an Expression written in c# to extract the data from pLog Cloud and then sync it to the defined Target Table and Target Column.  For example the custom configuration presented above will do the following:


 The value from pLog table Borehole and field CF1 will be imported into ESdat table Boreholes and field Depth_per_page.


pLog fields which can contain null values need to be specifically defined in the expression.  For example the expression required to import data from the the pLog field ActualPurgeVolume, which allows null values, would be as follows: