pLog Data Menus Supported

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pLog Data Menus Supported

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ESdat supports import of much of the data that can be collected in pLog.  Some geotech data that pLog is able to collect is not imported to ESdat.


The data collected under the following pLog Project - Holes Forms is imported into ESdat.


Any of the below forms can be turned on and off as required.  If forms other than those below are turned on the data will not be imported into ESdat but will be accessible from pLog Cloud.


The form visibility and the listing of items in each option is modified in the pLog Configuration Tool, a desktop application provided by Dataforensics.




pLog Hole Menu

ESdat Tables data is imported to

Borehole Info


Hole Info


Location Info (follows automatically from General)


Drilling Info (follows automatically from General)


Refusal/Rock Depth Info


Termination Depth Info


Test Pit Info

Location / Boreholes

Hole Info at Depth




Penetration Resistance

Borehole Penetration Resistance

Water Strike


SPT Sample


Rock Samples


Environmental Data

Chemistry Samples/Chemistry Results

Soil/Rock Chemistry

Chemistry Samples/Chemistry Results

Water/Gas Chemistry

Chemistry Samples/Chemistry Results

Well Details


-  Construction Details (or Backfill)




Rock Coring - Discontinuities




*Items in grey are not currently imported, but are scheduled to be imported in a future update of ESdat.