Primary Lab Samples

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Primary Lab Samples

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Planned Primary Lab Samples, analysis and containers are defined here.




The default view of the Primary Lab Samples shows the planned Field ID, planned analysis and required containers.


More details about the Samples and Containers can be viewed by clicking the >> buttons.  Once expanded, this data can be hidden again by clicking the << button.






Samples can be added by clicking the Add button or the Generate button.


Add - Will add a new blank row to the list.  Relevant fields can then be populated by typing in values (Field_ID, Comments) or by selecting from the drop down list.  The Locations drop down will be populated with the Locations listed in the Location Visit section.


Generate - Using the generate option will create Normal samples for the Locations selected in the Location Visits section.  A new row will be added for each Location and it's related Wells.  Once generated, these values can be edited or deleted.  Additional QA samples (such as Field Duplicates or Rinsates) can then be added using the Add option.


You can remove samples by clicking the X button next to the appropriate sample.







Analyses are added by clicking the Add button.  You will then be able to select analyses from the quote defined in the Monitoring Round Plan Info section, or from your internal list.




Selected analysis will then be added to the Planned Analyses section, and can be assigned to samples by checking the box.




Unneeded analyses can be removed by clicking the Remove button.







Containers can be added by clicking the Add button or the Generate button.


Add - A dialog will appear listing the containers in the quote, and the general containers set up in LSPECS.  Check the box next to the containers required for the selected analysis.




These containers will then be added to the containers matrix, and you can populated the required number by typing it in or using the up and down arrows.


Generate - If container information is provided in the Lab Quote, you can automatically populate the containers by using the Generate button.  This will auto-populate the fields based on the containers and the required number specified in the quotes.


Unneeded containers can be removed by clicking the Remove button.