Public Portal Access

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Public Portal Access

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The options for display of data in the Public Portal are:


Accessibility set at Project, Site and Location level.

Locations will only be shown on the map where either the Site is checked as accessible, or the specific Location is checked as accessible.
Data related to the Location will only be shown where the Project is checked as accessible.
Users will need to be aware that if a new Project is added, that data won’t show in the Public Portal unless that Project is marked as accessible on the above form.


All Content is Public.

All content, including that for a Restricted Site or Project is available through the Public Portal. As with all outputs the data that is actually displayed is further controlled by what the Reports in the Public Portal are configured to show.


All content is public except Restricted Projects and Sites.

All Locations at Sites that aren’t restricted will be shown. There is no option to set Restricted at a per-location level, if that is needed the first option should be chosen.
Data for Projects including all new Projects will be shown, unless the Project is set to Restricted.
The Restricted flag for a Project is set in the “Projects” section.  The Restricted flag for a Site cannot currently be set by users, but support staff can set for you if needed.



It is also possible to control the Chemical Compounds that will be displayed in the Reports. That is set for the Chemistry Profile that is used by the Reports (if the Report is referencing a Chemistry Profile). The Chemistry Profile settings are set when viewing the Chemistry Tables or Chemistry Maps areas.