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Data Views include standard and custom Reports. Reports are more static (ie: less interactive) and the range of output styles and formats is essentially fully customisable.


For generating custom Reports, a request can be made to Support. Alternatively if configured the Report engine can be "upgraded" to integrate with an in-house SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) or Crystal Reports Server; in which case Reports can be customised by end users using the design tools those Reporting services provide.


Each Report has a unique set of parameters for which criteria can be selected to filter the results in the same way as in the Chemistry Table/Map Data View. Clicking the Add Filter button brings up the Report parameters. Select a parameter and enter criteria to search the Report results.


Some Reports are available in other areas such as the Public Portal and Locations Portal.  Further details on how to add and manage Custom Reports under Licencee Management are available under Setup.


The Chemistry Results Graph Report plots a time trend graph for each analyte over a time series.