Unaccepted Locations

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Unaccepted Locations

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When a Location is created it is saved with a default status of Unaccepted. All added Locations must be approved by either the site manager or Project manager. They will receive a notification when a new Location is created and are able to then view and accept Locations.


A notification is also sent when the Location has been approved or rejected. While pending approval a Location can still be used as normal.


Clicking the View Unaccepted button lists all the locations that are pending review and acceptance.





The details for an unaccepted Location can be reviewed by clicking the Edit button. Any changes to the Location can be saved by clicking the Update button.






A Location is approved or rejected by setting the state under the Description & Comments.





When a Location is rejected its associated data must be reallocated to another location. Filter Locations by site and select the Location Code to reallocate to from the list.