View a Lab Submission

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View a Lab Submission

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Lab submission details can be accessed from the dashboard, the Monitoring Round Overview page, or from the Laboratories tab.

From the Monitoring Rounds list click on a Sample Delivery Group


Sample Delivery Groups that have been uploaded are listed on the dashboard. If field results have been uploaded they have a link (Location Visits) above the Sample Delivery Groups. Click on a link to view the lab submission details.

Lab Submissions can also be viewed from the Monitoring Round Overview screen of each Monitoring Round.


From  Laboratories Lab Requests click on a Sample Delivery Group


The following information is shown:

Laboratory the SDG was sent to.
Link to the Monitoring Round.
Link to the Sample Delivery Group (SDG) details.
Date the SDG was relinquished.
Request and version numbers.
Current status of the lab submission.
SRN status or link to download the file.
Link to the Lab Report.